Ubuntu – Unity interface on the Desktop in 11.04


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How can I install Unity after installing Desktop Edition?

The web site omg Ubuntu http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/ubuntu-11-04-to-ship-unity-as-default-desktop/

as omg Ubuntu has confirmed that the unity interface is coming to desktop in version 11.04 because of these recent developments i have decided to change to unity (try to buffer the shock for when i am upgrading)

i believe by entering this into terminal my computer will change to unity'apt-get install ubuntu-netbook' would this be correct?

also if anybody has any proof that omg Ubuntu has their fact wrong please comment.thank you.

Best Answer

The ubuntu-netbook package will provide you with the Unity interface, you'll be able to load it from the login screen, selecting a "Netbook Edition" session instead of the "Desktop Edition".

And Unity will ship by default for 11.04, this is correct.

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