Ubuntu – Unity: How to make Alt+TAB browse through all the windows without grouping them


When I use ALT+TAB to cycle through my apps I would like to have icons for all my open browsers. I use the ` (Grave or the key above TAB) but I really find that hard to use.

Anyway I can just use ALT+TAB only?

Best Answer

Here is my solution:

  1. Install compizconfig-settings-manager and open it (type ccsm in terminal).

  2. Go to Desktop > Ubuntu Unity Plugin.

  3. Open Switcher tab and make key to start the switcher and key to start the switcher in reverse disabled.

  4. Go back to CompizConfig Settings Manager.

  5. Go to Window Management and enable Application Switcher.

  6. Open Application Switcher and change key bindings of "Next Window (All windows)" to Alt-Tab and "Prev window (All windows)" to Shift-Alt-Tab.

Then you will start to use a different switcher instead of Unity's switcher.