Ubuntu – Unity Global Menu Integration missing for some programs


First of All I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 and I don't remember this problem has ever been produced by the previous releases.

Unity Global Menu Integration is missing not for all the applications but some of them. Here it is the programs that can't integrate with Unity Global Menu:

  • Software Center
  • Gedit
  • Geany
  • Terminal
  • Archive Manager
  • Brasero
  • Adobe Reader
  • Document Viewer
  • Filezilla

Some programs can still integrate their menus with the global menu, such as Firefox and File Manager.

I want The Global Menu Integration back.

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

Provided that some of the programs you mention must integrate with Unity global menu, I suggest to check that you have the required packages.

I. Open synaptic

II. Search Ā«appmenuĀ» in Quick filter. According to me, these are the packages you must have installed:

enter image description here

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