Ubuntu – unity drag & drop files to another window

drag and dropunity

For example: i have 2 nautilus windows opened and maximized and i want to move a file from window A to window B.
If i drag the file on the unity launcher it doesn't move the file but it will open the window where files is -.-''
I'm doing something wrong or there are a big bug into unity??

PS: i'm using Ubuntu 12.04 amd64, obviously packages are up-to-date 😉

Best Answer

try with:

  1. Start dragging the file
  2. Press and hold Super (windows key) + Tab (do not release the mouse button)
  3. Hold Super and press Tab as many time you need to choose your file window destination
  4. Release Super when you have selected the correct window
  5. Release mouse button to drop the file
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