Ubuntu – Uninstalled Ubuntu 14.04, can’t boot Windows 8 stuck GNU GRUB

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I've got a problem with my computer after trying to uninstall Ubuntu 14.04 (in probably the wrong way).

The steps I took yesterday to try this are as follows:

  • booted windows 8
  • went to uninstall programs and features, uninstalled Ubuntu
  • deleted Ubuntu partition and swap space in partition manager and made it join the main partition

That was the end of uninstalling Ubuntu and then I shut down the computer, left it overnight and boot up the next day to be faced with

GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1

Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported....

it seems this screen isn't very useful…I have no idea how to return to Windows 8 from here unfortunately, having tried boot repair on the live cd install with PPA's and terminal, which said it was successful but after rebooting and removing ubuntu 14.04's disc it still didn't boot to windows 8.

I do have a boot-repair report however, and i am guessing that sr0 on the devices is the DVD for Ubuntu that i hadn't taken out but I can't be sure as I don't really understand it at all.

Here is the link for the report http://paste.ubuntu.com/8546933/

Please help me try to fix this, I have another problem with this PC that seems to happen VERY randomly which causes it to not produce any display and the monitor enters HDMI-Sleep Mode. This has been a problem for a long time so I want to remove Ubuntu and then return the computer to PC World for repair the next time it happens because it's been happening ever since I installed Ubuntu and I want to get it out of the system incase it's the cause of the problem.

Best Answer

You have Windows 8 on a UEFI capable machine and an EFI System Partition (ESP). Checking the log, everything looks fine to me and you should be able to boot the Windows Boot Manager boot option (NVRAM entry) or the default UEFI boot loader (\EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi) to successfully boot Windows.

That is unless you modified the files on the ESP in the Microsoft directory. In that case or if you are in doubt use bcdboot from Windows installation media to reinstall the boot loader.

As an alternative to using Windows installation media you could try booting your exsiting Windows installation via Grub from another Linux installation that is able to detect an existing Windows instllation through OS-Prober (enabled by default in Ubuntu) and run bcdboot when you've booted your Windows installation.


bcdboot C:\Windows /s F: /f UEFI
  • C:\Windows - the drive and location of the Windows instllation that should be booted
  • F: - the ESP


  • went to uninstall programs and features, uninstalled Ubuntu

This doesn't sound like the right way of uninstalling a non-Wubi installation of Ubuntu to me.

  • deleted Ubuntu partition and swap space in partition manager and made it join the main partition

That is correct though.