Ubuntu – Unexpectedly lost speaker output. Headphone output works fine


Yesterday when I opened my laptop I noticed that I no longer had sound from the built-in speakers. I carefully checked settings in Sound Preferences, and then dropped to shell and looked in alsamixer. Nothing is showing muted or 0/no volume. Everything is on and set to max volume. The profile is Analog Stereo Duplex, the default.

Sound works fine when using headphones.

I'm runnning out of ideas and even updated my kernel to 3.8.8 in hopes that would shake this loose. No dice there (kernel works nice btw).

Here are my current specs:

DESCRIPTION="Linux Mint 14 Nadia"

Alsamixer screengrab:
enter image description here

I don't want to load up my question with irrelevant conf files – if I need to post more here please indicate in a comment.

Best Answer

I've been having this problem about a week ago. I don't know whether we have the same issue, but I solved it with

sudo alsamixer

and by setting the "speakers" volume to 100. Then I turned on the volume at:

Settings > Sound > Sound Effects > Alert volume

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