Ubuntu – Uncomplicated Firewall blocks playing streames in VLC


Can anybody help me please how to allow IGMP protocol in UFW?
My provider streams TV signal. I have .m3u8 file as channel list. It contains items as udp://@

VLC does not open the stream. When I disable the firewall, it does.


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I am trying to configure a media server in the local net. The server application that I am using is the MediaTomb. It was the single that allowed me to make transcoding of Theora/Vorbis to MP4/mp2.

Then I will configure the ufw according the tips of the MediaTomb's oficial website: "My UPnP player can not see MediaTomb, what is wrong?". Lacks me to know the syntax.

Ref.: Problems allowing outgoing multicast in ufw

You need to know the ports and protocols — TCP and UDP, only? — that the service uses.

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