Ubuntu – Unable to use IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu


I am very new to Ubuntu, and I'm having a problem that I don't know how to get it fixed. I even tried looking it up on the web for answers, but maybe I don't know the right terms to search for it.

I work with IntelliJ IDEA, an application for development. And I am very used to the keyboard shortcuts, but when I made the switching from Windows XP to Ubuntu 13.10, some shortcuts don't work anymore. For example, such as;

  • Ctrl + Alt +
  • Alt + F8

Is there any reason as to why? and are there any fix for this? Or maybe just something to guide me on my searching

Thank you all very much in advance.

Best Answer

As a bit of reading taught me that Intellij IDEA is a keyboard-centric IDE. What it means, is that a use can work with it without having to touch the mouse. Also I manage find keymap setting.

For Ubuntu

See how to change keyboard shortcuts?

Here’s a list of tweaks you need to make with default system key bindings so that they won’t interfere with IntelliJ IDEA actions (listed in brackets).

  • Disable the Shade window action, assigned to Ctrl + Alt + S (Settings dialog)
  • Change or disable the Lock Screen action, assigned to Ctrl + Alt + L (Reformat code)
  • Change or disable the Launch terminal action, assigned to Ctrl + Alt + T (Surround with)
  • Change or disable the Switch to workspace action, assigned to Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys (Navigation)
  • Disable the Move window action, assigned to Alt + F7 (Find usages)
  • Change or disable the Resize window action, assigned to Alt + F8 (Evaluate expression)

Hope this helps!

Note: You can always revert Ubuntu shortcuts back to its default state. Just refer to How can I restore default keyboard shortcuts?, in case if you're lost.

Source: -- Intellij IDEA Keymap