12.04 Gnome Resize – Unable to Resize Windows


One of my ubuntu machines, a netbook running Gnome classic on Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit), has a problem: I cannot resize windows. I can unmaximize them and remaximize them, and the resize icons do appear when I place the mouse pointer on the edges, but I cannot grab and resize those edges.

I have googled around and found people with problems like borders being too thin and hard to grab — this is not the case here. It is also not application specific — I cannot resize any windows.

What should I look at and fix? I am a developer and can get around a terminal without destroying things fine. I just don't know where to start.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

It sounds to me like you're using Gnome-classic with Compiz, and in that case resizing windows doesn't work because the plugin is disabled by default (not sure why).

To enable it, install CCSM:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then run CCSM:


Then in CCSM enable the resize plugin:
enter image description here

If resize doesn't work immediately, you may need to restart Compiz:

compiz --replace & disown
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