Ubuntu – Unable to open Eclipse from Dash Home

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I can't open Eclipse from Dash Home although it shows its icon. Eclipse was properly installed using apt-get.

When I launch Eclipse from Dash Home it doesn't open. It opens only through Terminal. How can I open it from the dash?

Best Answer

The cause

If you install an application via apt-get, you can be pretty sure a correct .desktop file is installed in /usr/share/applications. That leaves us the only option that there must be an outdated .desktop file, representing Eclipse, in ~/.local/share/applications, most likely of a previous locally installed version, or some application must have created a local version of the previous .desktop file.

Since local .desktop files overrule the global ones, you will have to remove it.

What to do

Run the command:

rm ~/.local/share/applications/*eclipse*

This will remove all local version(s) of the .desktop file. Subsequently log out and back in. It should be fixed.

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