Ubuntu – Unable to log in and flashing command line message after restarting frozen Ubuntu 16.04.1 using REISUB


I restarted a frozen Ubuntu 16.04.1 session using Alt + PrtSc + REISUB and now the graphical login manager does not show and I cannot log in.
The following message briefly displayed and then disappears in an ongoing cycle.

/dev/sda1: Clearing orphaned inode 12976130 (uid=0, gid=0, mode0100600, size=334)
/dev/sda1: clean, 959550/14221312 files, 50959728/56878080 blocks
[  OK  ] Stopped LSB: Start NTP daemon.
[  OK  ] Created slice User Slice of gdm.
         Starting User Manager for UID 115...
[  OK  ] Started Session c2 of user gdm.
[  OK  ] Started User Manager for UID 115.
         Starting LSB: Start NTP daemon...
         Stopping User Manager for UID 115...
[  OK  ] Started LSB: start Samba daemons for the AD DC.
[  OK  ] Stopped User Manager for UID 115.

I managed to log in using Ctrl + Alt + F1, however after a few seconds, the screen flashes black, and continues displaying the message above in the same manner. I can press Ctrl + Alt + F1 and the login is still active.

I've tried restarting it a few times using the power button with no success.

How can this be resolved? I still have access to recovery mode.

Best Answer

Try holding Alt+Ctrl+F2 It seems to do that randomly sometimes. It could be due to a late start of gdm, but I'm not certain as I don't know what each application does exactly. I do know that my graphical interface disappeared as well and went to that same screen, but the interface was still on tty2, so I just switched back over to it as simply as the above method.

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