Ubuntu – unable to enter proxy authentication details in synaptic Ubuntu 13.04


Hi I recently installed Ubuntu 13.04, I work behind a proxy and it has all sorts of complications, authentication, special character in the password. So I used to enter the proxy settings in the synaptic and use.
But in Ubuntu 13.04 – 64 bit, I'm unable to enter the authentication details. I'm able to open up the window but can't enter the details.

Best Answer

I have the same problem, also in 13.04 - 64 bit. In Ubuntu 12.10 - 64 bits, on the same machine, it worked.

Anyway, until the problem is solved, you can manually edit its conf file to change proxy parameters for Synaptic.

The file is /root/.synaptic/synaptic.conf and you can specify the user and password on the httpProxyUser and httpProxyPass lines

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