Ubuntu – Unable to either Restart or Shutdown the Install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ( No Dual Boot ) on Acer Aspire ES1-512


I am puzzled as to why my machine does not shutdown within my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installation on my Acer (UEFI Boot Mode).

I go into the whole "Shutdown" process, starts looking like it is about to shutdown, shows me the Ubuntu logo and just hangs there. I have to physically hold down the power button, to shutdown my laptop.

Any workarounds/fixes that will solve this issue?

BTW, when trying to restart my machine, I actually get a blinking cursor then just a blank screen. Machine is still on but nothing happens.


Best Answer

I spent a weeks with solving this problem on the same ntb as your without any progress. Yesterday I finally found the thread. In the bios you have to disable xHCI support (USB 3.0). After that my Acer works perfectly (shutting down, restart, sleep mode).

Here is the forum where I've found the help: