Ubuntu – Unable to connect via Mobile Broadband – But its detected – 12.10


Previously (on ubuntu 12.04), i will just connect my 3G mobile broadband modem, and will start browsing after enabling it and going through the setup process.

However, on the 12.10, I'm able to setup my connection, but it doesn't connect to the internet. All settings are okay. I've tried two different network providers in Ghana, still, i'm not able to connect.

At times, i'm notified that, its connected to the "home network" of the service provider, but disconnects in less than 10 seconds.

Is it supposed to be a bug? I've been reading about the wvdial, but I'm wondering something that used to be possible by "default" in Ubuntu should now be "configured" via a software.


Best Answer

This happened due to bugs(or bug) in the ModemManager which shipped with Ubuntu 12.10. You can remove this modem manager version and downgrade in to 0.5.2.

To check modem manager version : dpkg -s modemmanager

download 0.5.2 version : link 64 --- i386