Ubuntu – Unable to change execute permissions of .sh file


I'm out with a new problem. I've downloaded a jdk7.sh file. Now I'm unable to change the permission of the file to allow executing the file as a program. I mark the check box and again it disappears.

Best Answer

The check boxes would be dis-appearing because you don't have appropriate permission as well as ownership to the file.. Try to make executable with the help of sudo command.

Try to change it by command line

  • Open terminal by Ctrl+Alt+T

  • Then reach to the jdk7.sh file.

    cd /home/gurung/Downloads

    if your file is locates in /home/gurung/Downloads or change accordingly.

  • Then execute following commands to make it executable:

    sudo chmod +x jdk7.sh

    if your file name is jdk7.sh or replace the file name with the original one.

That's it.. :)

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