Ubuntu – Unable to boot 12.04 after install on 3TB drive


Brand new system (custom built w/i5 core and ASUS Z87-PLUS motherboard, 16gb RAM) and drive. Installed 12.04 64 bit via USB onto 3TB SATA drive. Upon completion, reboot and it drops into BIOS. If I install same on an older 1TB drive, it works fine.

Checking the two disks, the 3TB has a 1MB partition at the start, type unknown, whereas the 1TB has the boot partition. Booted from the 1TB and ran disk repair on the 3TB drive. Complete successfully, but trying it by itself, it does not boot (and gparted shows the same 1MB partition).

Here is the report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461458/

Any idea as to why Ubuntu is not installing correctly not this disk?
Any suggestions to resolve?

If there is another post on this, please let me know – I searched and could not find something similar.


Update: after install, Ubuntu does not boot, but moving drive to another system works. If I install Windows 8 on the 3TB drive, it boots fine. If I then try to install Ubuntu 12.04 for dual boot, it does not see the Windows OS. Any ideas?

Best Answer

I think that it is installing correctly, but many BIOS do not support hard drives above the size of 2TB. I would check the website for the motherboard manufacture, and see if it is compatible with large Hard Drives. Then update the BIOS if an update is available. If not, you might have to call customer support for your motherboard manufacturer. They MIGHT be able to help. It is worth a try.

Good Luck, Brooks Rady

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