Ubuntu – Ubuntu with full disk encryption – bad password after upgrade to 18.04


A few months ago I set full disk encryption during installation of Ubuntu 17.10. Now, I've decided to upgrade. The upgrade ran to the end without any problems. However, after reboot I am not able to log into my encrypted disk.

Where can be the problem? I am 100% sure I press the "right keys" on the keyboard, but technically I don't know what I am writing because of "*" characters and maybe after upgrade my keyboard layout changed. I use some characters which might be somewhere else on the keyboard. What language is default after upgrade?

By the way, I've already tried Caps-lock, but still no luck.

Help will be really appreciated. I am not a fan of installing my system and all backups over and over again.

Best Answer

Got the same issue when I have upgraded my ubuntu from 17.10 to 18.04. After lot of testing I found a solution for my problem. I just changed the keyboard layout in US and typed my password in my nativ layout (azerty). So it seems that the cryptsetup prompt is now in my nativ layout and not in US anymore. And my password was never stored in azerty layout as I thought.

Hope my solution will help you, and excuse me for my poor English.

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