Ubuntu – Ubuntu Touch with Meizu MX 5


I'm thinking about buying a Meizu MX 5 smartphone and installing ubuntu touch on it. I read somewhere it should fit, but I couldn't find any definitive answer, yet. So I'm wondering, if anyone here has already tried it out and could tell me, if ubuntu touch works fine on a Meizu MX 5.

Thank you very much!

Best Answer

It works well , but it's not 'fully integrated' yet.

You can find out more at https://devices.ubports.com/#/

Note that the Nexus 6 isn't available yet. The Fairphone2 should be along in 2/3 months, and the Nexus 10 isn't a real option either.

Are you in the US ? https://youtu.be/pe9QCZKJYOQ?t=55m38s

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