Ubuntu – Ubuntu Touch – root access without signing in


I got an Ubuntu tablet because I expected more freedom and control over my privacy. Now I learn it is not quite like that. If this fails my expectation, the package ships right back…

Question: how to gain root access (terminal access and apt-get) without an Ubuntu One account?

To clarify: It's not that I wouldn't want the account. I don't want it on the tablet.

Best Answer

If you don't want to install apps from the app store, because you don't want an Ubuntu One account, then you will have to build the packages from source and side-load them.

You can side-load an app if you have the click package for it, by putting the click on the device, and running pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted foo.click for example. You can use adb over USB to access the device and run these commands prior to installing the Terminal app.

You can also re-flash your device to the non-retail device images, which I believe have the Terminal app pre-installed.