Ubuntu – Ubuntu TaskBar is gone. Launcher is missing


I recently updated (Feb 15, 2018) my Ubuntu 16.04 from the software manager. I don't remember what programs got updated, now my taskbar & launcher is gone.

Is there a way to fix this?

I've tried everything that's available from the internet, but none works.

Will upgrading to 17.10 fix my problem? I don't want to do fresh install from the start again 🙁

Best Answer

I have found a solution. apt-get fails to be able to handle the situation, but aptitude can handle it.

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

Note that the first solution offered by aptitude doesn't correct the problem, because that chooses not to install the package. I had to select no the first time, and then aptitude offered a second solution of downgrading the compiz packages that caused all the problems. The downgrade fixes the dependency problem, and then ubuntu-desktop and unity are reinstalled.

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