Ubuntu – Ubuntu Suspend issue with Self Encrypted Disk

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I have a computer with a self Encrypted Drive (a hard drive with an AES encryption chip that requires login at boot to decypher the disk, that way it is hardware encrypted which "in theory" means zero speed loss.) On Windows, you can suspend the computer and windows will start back, but on Ubuntu, when the computer is suspended, I can start it back on RAM, but no HDD access is allowed (probably because the hard drive is locked or encrypted)

After searching through the web for that question, the only answer I found was : Use Hibernate. Indeed, when you hibernate you have to boot the computer back up which prompt the HDD login.

My question is what is the difference between windows and linux ? Why would suspend lock the disk ?
And then, what/where should I look for a way to get that to work ?

Thanks !!

Best Answer

Suspend locks the disks because the power is cut. It is up to the computer's bios to unlock the drive again during resume. If it fails to do so, it is a bug in your bios and you will have to hope ( don't hold your breath ) that your motherboard vendor fixes it.

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