Ubuntu – Ubuntu Stuck At Boot Screen


I restarted ubuntu 20.04 as usual but this time at got stuck at the boot screen. I've been waiting for 20 minutes but nothing is happening.

Is there a way I can fix this?

Boot Screen Image:

Boot Screen Image

Best Answer

I'm not sure that this alteration alone would have caused the problem. Did you make any other changes like this? This, and any other change to the system configuration, should have been posted in your original question.

You can reverse manual alterations made to system files, assuming you either backed up the original, or you know exactly what you changed.

Luckily /etc/systemd/system.conf will also restore the default if you just delete it. But I'd try to restore it first.

You will need to boot from installation media and choose the "Try Ubuntu" option so that you can access files, since you are no longer able to boot even to GRUB.

Once you are booted to the live session, you can make the changes you need to reverse any alterations you made to system files.

This should solve your problem.

I would advise against following advice from reddit and random blogs. These are generally poor quality sources for information and advice. Anything that involves manual alterations of system files should be met with skepticism and warrant a full understanding of the consequences before making any changes.

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