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I've tried everything I could find on the Internet, but still can't download anything from the Ubuntu Software Center.

It won't install anything and it won't do any progress when downloading. I have even tried reinstalling Ubuntu.

When I try to download anything, it says "updating cache".

By the way, I'm using 13.04, and it says I have Internet, but the Internet won't work, I also used the b34 or 43 method.

Here is the outcome when I typed software-center in the terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791762/

2014-01-21 15:11:07,927 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting up proxy 'None'
2014-01-21 15:11:10,001 - softwarecenter.region - WARNING - failed to use geoclue: 'org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Error.notAvailable: Geoclue master client has no usable Address providers'
2014-01-21 15:11:10,316 - softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - Could not get usefulness from server, no username in config file
2014-01-21 15:11:10,348 - softwarecenter.plugin - INFO - activating plugin '<module 'webapps_activation' from '/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/plugins/webapps_activation.pyc'>'
2014-01-21 15:11:10,367 - softwarecenter.fixme - WARNING - logs to the root logger: '('/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/importer.py', 51, 'find_module')'
2014-01-21 15:11:10,367 - root - ERROR - Could not find any typelib for LaunchpadIntegration
2014-01-21 15:11:10,449 - softwarecenter.db.pkginfo_impl.aptcache - INFO - aptcache.open()
2014-01-21 15:11:10,646 - softwarecenter.backend.spawn_helper - WARNING - exit code 1 from helper for '['/usr/share/software-center/piston_generic_helper.py', '--datadir', '/usr/share/software-center/', 'RatingsAndReviewsAPI', 'review_stats']'
2014-01-21 15:11:10,646 - softwarecenter.backend.spawn_helper - WARNING - got error from helper: 'WARNING:__main__:connecting to http://reviews.ubuntu.com/reviews/api/1.0/review-stats/any/any/: No such file or directory

Best Answer

Let's say you want to install SubDownloader an app to download/upload movie subtitles.
Open up your software center and open the subdownloader page. You can search for it then click more details. Check image below:

enter image description here

Don't click the install button but scroll down till you see the version name and number. It's usually between 'People also installed' and 'reviews' sections. Copy the name of the app without the version number - in this case, copy just subdownloader.

Go to your terminal and type sudo apt-get install subdownloader Though now you'll replace the word 'subdownloader' with the one you copied earlier and press enter.

In case of any error messages, paste them and provide us the link.

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