Ubuntu – Ubuntu restricting download speed to 15kbps


I used a 3G broadband modem. I usually would be able to get a download speed of 40 – 60 kbps when i still used windows. but it seems ubuntu has a way of restricting downloads to 15kbps. this happens for streaming sites ( youtube), synaptics/apt-get.
The only way for me to avi.

Modem model: Huawei EC226, CDMA2000 EV-DO REV.A, USB MODEM, FCC ID: QISEC226

Computer model: HP dv5 and HP dv4

Best Answer

Actually, Linux (Ubuntu in your case) does not limit the speed. In all cases i have known it boosts the speed to the maximum on the connection to the modem. you must have a router limit, modem limit or maybe you configure something on Ubuntu that changed that (For example trying to see a youtube video while downloading with transmission)

I repeat in all cases i have known since several years ago, all the PCs i have installed with Ubuntu have reported having better internet speed than any windows version. And that is about 1000 PCs, maybe more.

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