Ubuntu – Ubuntu One Upload Restarts


I'm having some trouble with Ubuntu One.

I'm trying to upload a file to Ubuntu One for the first time and the transfer always starts again from the beginning.
The file is about 500MB and Ubuntu One gets to 800KB – 1.5MB before it restarts the transfer mysteriously.
I'm using the command u1sdtool --current-transfers to indicate how much of the transfer is completed.
I've tried u1sdtool --status and it doesn't show any errors or problems.

I'm on a wireless network and I will try a wired connection but I was under the impression that Ubuntu One handled network re-connections so I thought this might be worth looking into regardless.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can identify why it is restarting that would be great.

Also, if it helps my account is UBCToad and this problem appears to be very similar to Ubuntu one restarts sync every 5 min.

Best Answer

OP answered his own question:

After connecting a cable to my router the file transfer completed successfully on the first attempt.

This resolved my issue.

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