Ubuntu – Ubuntu One Sync for multiple folders in Windows, not just the Ubuntu One folder


I may have misunderstood Ubuntu One as a service, but this is how I had pictured it. At home, I tagged a few folders with the "Sync to Ubuntu One" tick and it started uploading.
Now back at work, on Win7, I installed Ubuntu One and thought I was going to be able to tick which of the backed-up folders I could download/sync to this machine.

From what I gather after a little research is that whatever I would like to synchronize would need to be in the Ubuntu One folder? There is no way to do this outside of that?

Thanks for confirming, or informing me whether this will be introduced in the future as an option?

Thank you very much for your help on this!


Best Answer

As we tried to explain in the FAQ, the current beta only does manual sync of the Ubuntu One folder, and not of the other folders. For the next release we will be bringing it up to par with the Ubuntu client, but for now, just that.

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