Ubuntu – Ubuntu One behind a proxy, how to make it work


I am behind a web proxy server at work (no authentication) and I have set it up in Gnome (configuration applied system-wide).

It works fine for accessing internet with a browser, but numerous applications do not make use of this setting (Empathy, Gwibber or Ubuntu One to say a few) and cannot connect.

alt text
The question here will be specific to Ubuntu One which is for me more critical.

How did you manage to connect to Ubuntu One when behind a proxy? The easiest solution will be preferred 😉

Have you used some tools to tunnel the data? Corkscrew? Proxychains? If you have done that sucessfully can you share your experience and configuration instructions?

Note: for those interested, here is the Ubuntu One bug report.

The Ubuntu One is currently (20111031) conducting a user survey on the topic of proxy access. If you are also behind a proxy, please fill up their survey to help them address this problem: Ubuntu One Tweet for User Survey.

Best Answer

As of the version 3 of the Ubuntu One client (currently in 12.04, soon to be released for Windows and backported to older Ubuntu versions), connecting through a proxy should work in most situations. In Ubuntu you need to ensure ubuntuone-client-proxy is installed (it isn’t installed by default), and proxy settings should be picked up automatically.

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