Ubuntu – Ubuntu on HP 510 Laptop


I just came across this old laptop and I wanted to try something new, so I decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 on it. I am a rookie at Ubuntu. So I noticed that the OS ain't that great in terms of smoothness, since it's laggy. Don't think that the OS is the problem, just the laptops hardware.

  • 1.4 GHz Intel processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 128 MB video card.

I was hoping that someone could tell me if my laptop is fit to use 12.04 or is it to old? Maybe I have to install some drivers or whatnot. I want to use this laptop for college. No need for gaming. Just for projects, maybe watch a movie or a YouTube video, which by the way lags like hell when in full screen (unwatchable).

I was thinking of updating my RAM to 1 GB, hope that will help Ubuntu run more smoother. What do you thing? Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

Best Answer

that laptop is really old and Ubuntu 12.04 is OS from 2012. So you can't expect it to work fluently. That version of Ubuntu need at lest 1GB of RAM. Try lightweight linux distribution like Lubuntu, Linux Lite or Pepermint.