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I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Lenovo x61s Thinkpad. As the screen's rather small and I want to do some video editing, I thought I'd plug in a monitor and use that. The monitor is Relisys JM777 (quite old).

When I plug it into my other computer, which is running Windows 7, it immediately mirrors the display; but when plugged into the Lenovo the monitor screen remains blank. The graphics card on the Lenovo is a "VGA compatible controller" according to SysInfo.

Anybody got any suggestions for getting this monitor to work? I'm quite new to Linux.

Best Answer

I had a similar problem with my HP Elitebook 8530w, which uses an NVidia Quadra graphics card. I use the recommended NVidia drivers in Ubuntu 12.04.

In Applications > System Tools > System Settings > Display it will not detect my secondary display.

However when I go to Applications > System Tools > Administration there is the option Nvidia X Server settings. Here I can select another display which is being detected properly and I can immediately use my secondary display.

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