Ubuntu – Ubuntu LiveUSB doesn’t recognize the Windows 8 installation

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I have a laptop with UEFI (secure boot disabled) with Windows 8.

I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 or 12.04 along side Windows 8 on my primary hard drive, which uses GPT. I am only presented with the option to erase the disk and install so the install alongside windows option does not appear.

How can I install Ubuntu without erase my Windows system?

Best Answer

It is possible that the Ubuntu installer is not recognizing Windows 8 because of GPT partitions. Below are some links that helped me.


Why is Windows 8 invisible on Ubuntu 12.10's installer?

Zapping GPT Data Structures

Note: The second link asks for gdisk. I was unable to download gdisk via terminal. I had to go through firefox and get the .deb file, which took me to ubuntu's software center. Here is the link to get the .deb file: GPT fdisk gdisk

Hope this helps!

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