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I am trying to install Ubuntu 16.04.2 on my notebook, but installer hangs during loading sequence.
Notebook is ASUS ROG GL552V (Core i7 4720HQ, 12 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, an HDD and an SSD).
I'm using a USB pen drive for installation.
Installation freezes on this step enter image description here
Sorry for the photo – didn't managed to make a screenshot out of OS and PC hanging.

There is already Win 10 Home installed on this PC (pre-installed).

I've tried:

  • installing Ubuntu 17.04
  • installing Kubuntu 16.04
  • using different pen drives
  • using pendrivelinux and rufus tools to make a bootable pen drive
  • booting these very pen drives on another PC with positive result (install actually loads and looks working fine)
  • booting several times
  • checking integrity of the flash drive by built-in utility has shown no errors

Secure boot is disabled, CSM is enabled in bios settings

If anyone had similar problems please help 🙂


upd 04/26/17: for the moment tried everything that came to mind including resetting to BIOS defaults.
Also tried complete reformatting (slow one) of both usb drives with rewriting them.
Then i found and read a lot of guides on seemingly common problems and one that was the most interesting was here https://jeremymdyson.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/ubuntugnome-16-04-on-asus-rog-gl552v/
Don't have a clue what's going wrong.

Best Answer

Finally, thanks to DimanBG from forum.ubuntu.ru managed to solve this problem. Practically I misunderstood some articles I read while looking for solution.

What i actually did after all and what helped me:

  1. Disabled Secure Boot in BIOS
  2. In GRUB 2 selected "Try UBUNTU..." and pressed "e".
  3. In config that opened I deleted "quiet splash" and instead of it typed "nouveau.modeset=0" (without quotes).

I have an Nvidia GPU so I used "nouveau.modeset=0".

For people with other GPUs these parameters might help:

  • for Intel: i915.modeset=0
  • for ATI: radeon.modeset=0
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