Ubuntu – Ubuntu Install Failing- Hard Drive


Trying to dual-boot UBuntu and Windows 7 on the same 1TB Sata hard drive, but the Ubuntu installer won't recognize the drive- the live CD will, though, and can see it under GParted, etc.

Already tried going into BIOS and changing away from IDE. No luck.

This is OP- I think I was mistaken about what was going wrong. I meant that the installer itself won't recognize the hard drive, but when I use Ubuntu from the live CD, I'm able to see the hard drive, edit it with GParted, even open files from the windows partition.

But, when the installer gets to the step "Allocate Drive Space", it has nothing there- no devices, no partitions, nothing.

Best Answer

Boot up into your LiveCD as normal. Before running the installer open up a terminal and type in the following command :

sudo apt-get remove dmraid

Dmraid is known to stop some hard drives being detected in the installer. Removing (uninstalling) it solves the problem.

To open terminal on Ubuntu 12.04: ctr + alt + T.