Ubuntu – Ubuntu hangs at purple screen

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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 today. After the reboot I selected Ubuntu and it kept hanging at the purple screen. No error message was shown.

The liveCD went fine and the installation was successful. I tried recovery mode but it Still didn't work

Please Help! Any help will be appreciated

Specs: ASUS F81Se, Windows 7 Home Premium, ATI RADEON 512mb Graphics card, 4gb ram

Best Answer

Well AMD Radeon graphics cards (especially the recent ones) are difficult to use with Linux. It happens exactly the same with my AMD Radeon HD6850, until I install the FGLRX proprietary driver package.

To install it, you must go into the Recovery Mode. To do that, hold SHIFT at startup so the GRUB menu is displayed, choose Ubuntu Recovery Mode after that. Choose to mount the disk as read/write, then drop to the root shell with networking (this is very important).

Then do the following commands once you're dropped to the root shell:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade   
sudo apt-get install fglrx    
sudo aticonfig --initial
sudo reboot

If everything worked, you should be fine and see the desktop after this.

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