Ubuntu – Ubuntu Gnome: screen “zoomed” in and stuck


I tried switching from Gnome (Metacity) to Ubuntu (default) because I wanted to try something with Unity. The screen appeared WAY zoomed in, with the Gnome menu bar still at the top, and the side dock momentarily visible, then disappeared. I tried switching back and logging in, and the desktop is screwed up: menus and icons about 4x the size they should be, the upper menu bar almost useless.

The screen resolution reports as 1920×1080, but is actually 1/4 of that, zoomed into the upper left quadrant. xrandr also reports 1920×1080, but if I use --scale 2.0 x 2.0, it refreshes at the correct resolution (but the menus, cursor, etc. are all wrong).

Other users are still fine; it's just my account.

Any ideas how I can "reset" this back to its correct size, etc.?

Best Answer

I ended up restoring all my configuration files (ie those files and directories in my home directory whose names begin with a . or have paths beginning ~/.) from a backup and that fixed it. But I never figured out what caused it.

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