Ubuntu – Ubuntu freezes after resume from suspend/hibernate in 10-15 sec


Bought new laptop – Dell Latitude-5501 with Ubuntu 18.04.4. Works fine, however the only problem exists: after I close laptop cover or after some time of inactivity Ubuntu suspends or hibernate (do not know). After I resume it, it starts to work but in 10-15 sec Ubuntu freezes and I forced to power-off.

Tried many things mentioned here:

  • blacklist nouveau
  • install older kernel – 4.14.41
  • update to newer – 4.18 or latest 5.3 kernel
  • switch to proprietary nvidia driver (was installed by default)
  • install lightdm instead of gdm3
  • dell software had run some recent firmware upgrade
  • etc

Nothing work – it still freezes and it is impossible to work. The only suggestion I did not tried yet: install kubuntu and then original nvidia driver from manufacturer site. Do not know however if it affects warranty? đŸ˜‰ Any ideas how to solve, how to diagnose? Thanks!

System, hardware and security logs during suspend/resume attached (original 4.15 kernel):

Logs for 4.18 kernel are slightly different:

Best Answer

Solved by fresh install of Kubuntu 20.04 LTS. On install uncheck

  • [ ] «Install this third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media»

After OS install, install nvidia drivers manually - run in Konsole:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
$ sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440 nvidia-settings

Above will install nvidia-settings correctly.

Then reboot in KDE. After above Suspend mode work ok on timeout and cover close.