Ubuntu – Ubuntu Crash on VirtualBox


I'm on a Lenovo Y50 laptop using a virtual machine (Oracle VM VirtualBox). I've set it to 128 MB of graphics memory, and 1024 MB of Base Memory. I've also enabled 3D Acceleration. I start Ubuntu up and the screen Ubuntu 16.04 loads up fine.. Then the top bar sometimes appears, and I can see the setting wheel and time start to load..

Then this happens:
enter image description here

I'm not sure how to fix that. Thanks for all and any help. Sorry if I tag the wrong people, I'm new to the whole Stack Exchange community.

Best Answer

Press RCtrl+F1, then RCtrl+F7. This will reset the graphics adapter (first into text mode (TTY1), then into graphical mode again (TTY7)). I had to do this twice, one time it was just a blank screen with an underscore at the top right, when I hit RCtrl+F7 again, everything showed up like it was supposed to. Thanks so much guys!

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