Ubuntu – Ubuntu “Could not get screen information” after upgrade


I have upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 and now when I open Display Settings I get the message "Could Not get Screen Information"(here is a screenshot): Could not get Screen information

There are multiple questions related to that and I think this answer
was most useful. I logged in with another user and for him the Display settings menu works just fine. So following the answer I get to the conclusion: It's likely going to be something in .gconf or .config in which case you have to dig deeper. The problem is that I don't know how to dig deeper.

I have already tried solutions in many other answers. I have reinstalled nvidia drivers, ubuntu-desktop, xorg, xserver-xorg and all other tips from this answer(short of fresh install that I really want to avoid).

I am using ubuntu 16.04(4.4.0-31-generic amd64) on lenovo w530 laptop. Any ideas on how I can fix the issue?

Best Answer

If you do a ps x|grep control-center command in a terminal window, you may expect gnome-control-center as result. Close this control center window and instead type unity-control-center in a terminal window.

This control center will show your screen information. Pin it in the launcher for future use and possibly pin out the former one.