Ubuntu – Ubuntu can’t find an executable file in ~/.local/bin

16.04pythonsoftware installation

after installation with

pip3 install --user steem-piston
you will get a new executable piston installed in ~/.local/bin

I installed the tool using pip install, but I cannot find the executable file.

I'm not quite sure I understand what this directory is: ~/.local/bin.

Is it just root/local/bin?

Best Answer

~/ is a shell abbreviation for your home folder, usually /home/USERNAME/, where USERNAME is the name of your user. It's the same as $HOME

~/.local/bin is a subfolder named bin in the subfolder named .local in your home folder.

You can use


to call your new pip3 executable. It may be easier to add ~/.local/bin to the $PATH environment variable, see How to add a directory to my path? so you don't need to type ~/.local/bin/ all the time.

Make sure you add it before the old value of $PATH, like

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