Ubuntu – Ubuntu Additional Drivers won’t install flgrx


I installed Ubuntu 14.04.2, a fresh install. Additional Drivers won't install the AMD flgrx proprietary drivers. I clicked on the radio button, pressed apply changes, and then the button just goes back to open source Xorg driver.

It works on 14.10, but on that version it will not let me enter my encrypted password (works in 14.04). If I type password on 14.10 it does not populate the field. It just shows up at the top in plain text.

Any ideas how to get flgrx in 14.04 or get encryption working in 14.10?

Best Answer

Yes it appears to be a Bug apt-get fails to install fglrx or fglrx-updates in 14.04.2 and 12.04.5 according to my researches, it is not solved yet

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