Ubuntu – Ubuntu 19.10 freezes and lags reguarly


Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 my system freezes/lags regularly.
The mouse, keyboard and screen are completely stuck, after a few seconds it "unfreezes" again.
Sometimes it repeats the input I did. For example if I type "F" in a text field it shows "FFFFFFFF" afterwards.

I seems like a lag is triggered every time the system has to read and write a larger amount of data (e.g. start new program, load new firefox tab).

I completely reinstalled Ubuntu 19.10 again on my machine but it is still the same. It runs on a Dell XPS 13.

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Because it was asked in the other posts here are may gnome extensions:
enter image description here

Thanks for the comment!

  1. I do not use a PS/2 mouse or keyboard.
  2. The model: Dell XPS 13
    (2016 version). On the label it says: Reg Mode: P54G Reg Type No: P54G002

Turning off all extension does unfortunately not solve the problem.

Edit 3:
Here is what it looks like in the system monitor when I reload a website. The
Network manager

Edit 4:
Thank you for your comments!
Before I reinstalled Ubuntu 19.10 my swap had 8 GB.

enter image description here

Edit: 6
Increasing the swap to 8GB (I have 8GB of RAM) and setting the swappines to 10 seems to have done something. I will have a further look into it.

Edit: 7
My Bios version is 2.10.0. I'll check of updates.

The Disk utility does not show the SMART data for my ssd.

Best Answer

This is a regression that happened from Kernel from Kernel 5.0 to 5.3. This may be a problem in the recent changes that the 5.3 kernel introduced with the deprecated deadline, cfq and noop, which according to the Ubuntu wiki "prior to Ubuntu 19.04 with Linux 5.0 or Ubuntu 18.04.3 with Linux 4.15, the multiqueue I/O scheduling was not enabled by default and just the deadline, cfq and noop I /O schedulers were available by default". It has also been reported that some bugs have been introduced for those who have an intel and use the i965 driver.

To get around the problem i changed the swappiness kernel parameter to 10, and use bfq for IOSchedulers, by default Ubuntu uses mq-deadline.

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