Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18 keeps on restarting automatically (triggered by moving the laptop)


I have a ubuntu 18.04 system on an Asus ZenBook laptop. I am facing the issue that my laptop keeps on restarting again and again. It started an hour ago. I have tried shutting down once but problem is still there after shutting down and booting the system.

It doesn't seem a battery problem as I got my battery changed a month ago so it'll be good to presume that battery is doing fine. Right now I am actually working in recovery mode and (till now) doesn't seem that the problem occurs (repeated automatic restarting) in recovery mode.

Also a maybe related issue could be that few days ago I left my system on overnight and it got turned off due to zero battery. Since then everytime I restart/boot my system it shows wrong time (the time battery drained or sometime before that even (probably last reboot before that battery drainage))

Also this screen comes up when the system reboots.

How to resolve this issue??


As asked in the question output of var/log/syslog

Sep 16 19:05:31 ZenBook systemd-timesyncd[577]: Timed out waiting for reply from (ntp.ubuntu.com).

Sep 16 is also the time it shows after system boots up..!!


Anotger weird thing i observed is that this unwelcome restart occurs when i move the laptop (even lift it slightly) . (though it still doesn't occur in recovery mode so believe not exactly hardware ussue)


Same thing is happenening when i boot from a live usb. So this probably means system/hardware fault right? Also on a live cd the fan is blowing even during grub or so! ?

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