Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 won’t boot after updates


yesterday it was working fine, it's my work laptop so nothing special happened, ubuntu asked for update, I did.

Today's morning there is boot loop. After grub menu there is a black screen and reboot, there is no end for this.

Tried recovery mode and different kernels (result the same). There is no message at all, tried enabling some boot logs removing that 'quiet' flags but no logs at all.

What can I do to NOT reinstall system? Is there a way to connect to console, and maybe try to update again?

Best Answer

In your GNU GRUB menu screen (where you select Ubuntu, Advanced options, Memory test, Recovery, etc), you can edit the command line by pressing 'e' on the highligted line. Now, you can edit the parameters that are passed to the kernel during boot time. If you replace init with init=/bin/sh, you will escape to a root shell at an early point. From here, you can mount disks, and fix other issues.

To see what goes on during boot you can edit the boot sequence as described above, and get rid of the 'quiet splash' section as well (or press ESC during boot when you see the splash screen or everything is black).

I would pay attention to the boot sequence as the text flies by, it might hang at a certain point. That's your clue. ;)

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