Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 Keystroke Alt + Shift + (Ctrl) + Down does not work


After upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS (with unity) the keystrokes Shift + Alt + Down and Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Down stopped working (btw Alt + Shift + (Ctrl) + [Up, Left, Right] works).
I used these keybindings in PHPStorm/Webstorm. In these programs you can search what a key binding does by simply pressing those keys and when I do, Webstorm does not display/catch these keystrokes, like if they were not pressed.
I searched in CompizConfig Settings Manager advanced search in settings value, in the Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts and with gsettings list-recursively | grep Down and I didn't find anything.
If I press this combo outside of Webstorm Ubuntu does nothing.
Have you any idea where this keybinding could be saved?

PS: I tried this tool (screenkey) to display pressed keys. But it didn't display Alt + Shift + Down or Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Down

Thank you for your help

Best Answer

Gnome Tweaks helps me to fix it!

  1. Go to Keyboard & Mouse > Additional Layout Options.
  2. Turn off all options for "Switching to another layout".

    Gnome Tweaks layout switching options

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