Ubuntu – Ubuntu 17.10 tons of lags with mouse and window glitch


I've installed Ubuntu 17.10 on my laptop without any issue, but when I am using the system everything lags and is not fluid. The mouse glitches (I am using a physical mouse and a track-pad), like it jumps, and is not fluid.

It is the same thing with the windows when I drag them or simply open any apps. The same thing is happening when I open the application page of Gnome.

I did try to change from Wayland to Xorg from the lock screen and by doing this the mouse is now working without any issue but I still have some glitch and fluidity problem everywhere.

Is this a problem with my computer or Ubuntu has an issue of some sort with Gnome on some devices and what can I do to fix this?

My laptop is an Asus Q501LA. I don't have a dedicated graphics card.

Best Answer

Unfortunately, I don't think this is a Wayland only issue. After I upgraded from 17.04, I've found lag/sluggish response with gnome-shell under both Wayland and Xorg. It does seem to be a little worse under Wayland.

In my case, after a reboot, all is good for a while, but things slowly degrade and after a few hours, switching between virtual desktops or moving windows gets slower and slower. When the lock screen kicks in, after hitting a key to bring up the password prompt, there is a definite lag i.e. on a couple of occasions 15 seconds before the lockscreen wallpaper is cleared and the password prompt appears.

This is on a high spec machine i.e. 12 core i7 3Ghz with 32 Gb memory. I'm using the default oss graphics drivers (I have a nvidia gforce card, but not using the nvidia driver as it is not compatible with wayland).

I did not have these problems with 17.04 and the gnome ubuntu remix.

I've now installed MATE and seeing if that works better as the gnome-shell gets sluggish enough to be almost unusable unless I reboot every few hours.

Using journalctl to look at the logs, I see a lot of gnome-shell related errors and warnings.

All pretty disappointing. I was also unlucky enough to run into the fwupd bug related to some Logitech keyboards, so had to change my keyboard to even get 17.10 to work!

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