Ubuntu – Ubuntu 16.04 + Nvidia Driver = Blank screen



Including Additional Drivers screenshot. I have tried installing both 361.42 and 340.96 and both times, I get a blank screen after restarting.

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When I install the nvidia driver for ubuntu and then restart, I get a blank screen. I have no tried 2 of the nvidia drivers and both times I get a blank screen.

How do I install the nvidia drivers and not get a blank screen?

Did a google search and it seems I'm the first to encounter this issue since 16.04 has been released:


Best Answer

Where/When do you get the blank screen? Is it when the grub menu should appear upon boot, or when the Ubuntu Unity login screen should appear? If it's the latter, try the following:

  1. Add nomodeset on your Ubuntu grub entry. Highlight the entry you use to boot, press e, then add replace

    ...ro quiet splash ...


    ...ro nomodeset quiet splash ...

If that boots to the login screen correctly, press Ctrl + Alt + F2, login, then run sudo prime-select intel. Then reboot and see if that fixes it.

Also, how are you installing NVidia drivers? DOuble-check at nvidia.com if you're using the correct ones.

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