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I have recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and I have had a few issues in upgrading. But I have fixed these and now everything works without any issues in the new version, with one exception

When I'm shutting down, the system doesn't completely shutdown. I have to forcefully shut it down by pressing the poweroff button.

I can use sudo shutdown and sudo reboot; these work fine, but when I shut down the system using the GUI it's not shutting down completely.

Best Answer

Had the same problem

Steps to try resolve issue!

what worked for me was to do a disk recheck and repair, solved the issue.

1- When you see the GRUB prompt, press Esc to get to the GRUB menu. Choose recovery mode. You'll see another menu that includes an fsck option.

2- run the following command from a terminal from a Live CD if you cant access GRUB menu typing the following command fsck /dev/sda1

3- type reboot after the process finishes if needed.

Should hopefully correct any inconsistencies and fix boot up hangs.

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