Ubuntu Freeze – Fix Ubuntu 16.04 Freezes with 4.10 Kernel


I was trying to install Ubuntu 16.04-2 on my new machine now and it was pretty much working until I do apt upgrade. After upgrade, the kernel was updated from 4.8 to 4.10 and thereafter the ubuntu refuses to login.

It manages to get into the login session(GUI), but after I type in the password, the whole system freezes and doesn't respond to any key press and I am forced to power off the computer. However, I can boot into 4.8 from grub.

How can I report this kernel issue to ubuntu team? Where can I get the log from?

The exact kernel version is the following:



Best Answer

The comments indicate a problem with Nvidia graphics drivers. The driver was installed using a binary downloaded directly from Nvidia and that needs to be reinstalled for any new kernel version. As such. the following procedure is recommended:

  • Boot using the old kernel - 4.8.0-36-generic -, the one that currently works;
  • Fully update the OS->

    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
  • Reinstall the Nvidia driver using the same procedure as before.
  • Reboot

In order to avoid this issues please follow the recommended installation method for Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu, as outlined in "NVIDIA drivers provided by the Ubuntu repositories".

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