Ubuntu – Ubuntu 16.04.1 doesn’t shutdown/reboot


Hope you can help me, 'cause this problem really made me sick already.

Hardware: Asus X555SJ (Dualcore Intel celeron 2166MHz, GeForce GT920 1GB, RAM 4GB)
Systems: Windows 10 LTSB x64, Ubuntu 16.04.1 i386.

Here's the problem: when i try to reboot ubuntu, i see the ubuntu logo, then the screen gets black, and that's all that happens. The notebook still works and never turns off. When i'm shutting down ubuntu, i see the ubuntu logo on screen, but the screen doesn't fade out, i can observe the logo for hours and nothing happens either. In both cases I have to poweroff the notebook with a button. I've read couple of articles, tried to sudo shutdown, sudo reboot, but it didn't help. The problem still remains. Any ideas? Some people suggest to do sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade, tried that too. Failed. All the updates/upgrades install correctly but it doesn't solve the problem. Any help will be useful!

ps. sorry if it's hard to read, may be mistakes, i'm not a native englishspeaker and writer =)

Best Answer

open terminal by ALT + CTRL + T then type :

sudo shutdown -P now

If it works, no worries. Else, you need to try Step 1 and 2 along with the Note provided below. With these my shutdown problem is a thing of the past.

Step 1: Alt+CTRL+T: to open a terminal and type

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

It will open the grub file. Change the line



 GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" acpi=force apm=power_off

and close it after saving.

Step 2: open terminal and type

sudo gedit /etc/modules

It will open the modules - just type apm power_off=1 below lp and save the file.

Step 3: Next type in the terminal

sudo update-grub