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I installed the latest ubuntu desktop and when I install xrdp I get a grey screen when I connect from windows rdc. this works fine in ubuntu 12.04.

I found several solutions but they are not really what I want. I would like for the ubuntu desktop to function with xrdp.

Any suggestions?

I have tried pretty much every post on xrdp "grey screen". I was able to get the xfe desktop to work but I really want the ubuntu desktop to work.

I did the following to install xrdp:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xrdp

Restarted the ubuntu 14.04 desktop machine.

RDC from windows results in a grey screen with an "x" cursor.

The process of doing the update and installing xrdp works fine for ubuntu 12.04 desktop and I can get into the desktops via windows RDC just fine. But 14.04 desktop gives a greay screen.

Best Answer

Your steps are correct so far. The only thing that you should be aware of is that the xrdp solution is not working with the Unity Desktop Interface nor with the Gnome Desktop.

You can still perform a remote session to your ubuntu through xrdp but you will need to install an alternate desktop environment. The one that seems to be the most used (probably because working) is the xfce desktop.

You can find a step by step process on how to use xrdp with ubuntu 14.04 at this location http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5305

To summarize the steps, you install xrdp you install alternate desktop you configure your profile so xrdp know that it has to use the alternate desktop Test your configuration and possibly tweak the config as required

This should help you

By the way, you could also fill a bug report for that given that the xrdp solution is working fine on fedora (yes, you can use xrdp and Gnome interface) but it's seems that something is broken in Ubuntu and/or xrdp package

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