Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.10 won’t boot from usb – isolinux.bin missing or corrupt


This was an official 64-bit download from the Ubuntu site, so it's kind of sad to see even that's not working.

I made a bootable Ubuntu 12.10 USB stick with USB Image Writer (mintstick) on Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon and then shut down after ejecting the drive. When I put the drive back in and boot from it, a message shows briefly: 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt,' before going black and booting to Mint.

I have tried Unetbootin instead of Mint's USB Image Writer but the USB drive does not show. Unetbootin has not worked for me in the past anyway whenever creating live USBs.

USB is formatted to msdos. Did not tamper w/ partitions, etc. in GParted, Disks, etc.

I have seen this issue asked once before on this website and other times across the web, but no one gives a good answer other than it's probably a bad download. If so, it's pretty disappointing because this is the official Ubuntu.com download link.

Any ideas? Are there any other alternate download mirrors besides the official one (that don't take hours to download)?

Best Answer

I came across this problem(isolinux.bin missing or corrupt) recently. The flash disk is made by dd, the iso file is of 12.04.3 64 bit. I fix this by change BIOS setting: change

USB Flash Drive Emulation Type

from 'auto' to 'hard drive'. Hope this helps.

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